Web hosting, or web hosting, is a service provided by a company, which provides space on a server to host a website. All websites on the Internet are hosted somewhere and that place is called web hosting or Spanish web hosting.

Within the world of web hosting there is a variety of ways to host sites, among the most common are:

Shared webhosting.
Hosting reseller (reseller)
Private virtual servers (VPS)
Dedicated Servers.

Shared web hosting plans are generally the cheapest and allow the user to host a website and have several professional email accounts connected to their domain. The reseller hosting is a type of web hosting where you can manage several websites through different accounts in a control panel, usually used, cPanel. This function facilitates the administration and management of the websites separately. If you have a reseller hosting plan, you can also “sublet” or resell web hosting accounts.

If you have a web page with a lot of traffic or a large amount of material, it may be necessary to host the site on a private virtual server (VPS). The VPS are the result of the division of a physical server, which work independently as if they were a dedicated server, in addition their resources are scalable, which means that they can be increased or decreased.

For websites with much more advanced requirements, it is necessary to host them in a dedicated server. Hosting a website on a dedicated server can also be done for security reasons, some types of sites simply can not share a server with other users given the type of information found on them.