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Postgraduate Global Postgraduate Online MBA 2015, Global MBA of OBS Business School, Spain was declared the best in Spain. Also, 100% of the online MBA and Executive MBA rankings for online MBBS and Executive MBA rankings were selected through the Iber-American Training Ranking of 2015.

OBS Business School Global Online MBA concentrates on developing the skills and management skills needed to manage global companies. The specialty of this program is that it provides participants with various management positions or management orders and all the tools necessary to successfully manage the company, with strong internationalization and inventory of any size. . With the philosophy of this innovative program, OBS is willing to offer a vision of global business management future.

Participants in this Master’s Business Strategy provide experts with a new professional development program developed by OBS and educates human resource professionals recognized by experts.

Having a higher training in management and business management areas, key. This is seen in a study published by the MBA Executive Board, which indicates that the average salary for MBA participants increased from 11.4% to the end of their program.

  • Definition of the Entrepreneurship for the Competition in Mexico and the Mercado
  • Dominion is a global and competing business leader in the business world, which is responsible for the internship program for business purposes.
  • Discover and evaluate the effectiveness of influenza in your business, and you will be able to enter your destination.
  • Profundizar en las funciones marketing en las empresas, a new organization that deals with the development of newcomers, has a digital and social networking career
  • Desarrollar has been involved in the comercialization and business ethos of the actual development of the particular research group in the form of a red comercial or analytic database.

  • Compression in the form of competitivism of all types of equiposcular competencies, as well as the specialization of the formulais of the expertise of the person’s business
  • Desarrollar las competencias financiera nasariasas, an analysis of the development of the business and the development of the mercados of capital of the capital
  • Elaborar un Plan Negocios competitivo for the compaion, and for the first time, the aprobación

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