Coursework for the online MSCE can prepare you
to effectively supervise, plan, design, construct,
and operate the infrastructure essential to
connect the modern world. The 32-credit-hour
program can be completed 100% online in as
few as five semesters

“Since being in the MSCE program
at Ohio University, I have gained
connections by collaborating with both
professors and students. This has allowed
me to apply what I’ve learned in the class
to what I’m doing on the job.”
Lisa Martellaro-Palmer, MSCE ‘16

About OHIO’s Russ College of
Engineering and Technology
At the Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ College of Engineering and
Technology, we teach students how to become technical experts who
can also think about the big picture. We produce meta-engineers
and technologists who are poised to lead and influence the world
around them. We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees across
the traditional engineering spectrum and in technology disciplines,
including aviation, computer science, and engineering technology
and management. For more than a century, we’ve been teaching
engineers how to prepare for what’s to come. We’re ready. Are you?

Among our online MSCE grads:
rated the program as either
very good or excellent
said the MSCE provided
personal satisfaction
saw their salary increase
following graduation
“This program was very rewarding
to me. I learned so many new things,
especially in topics I had no previous
familiarity with. I also found that
I could do so much more than I
previously thought. In 20 months,
I went from no graduate school
experience, to a MSCE degree.”

Matthew Anderson, MSCE ‘16
Ohio University is regionally accredited by The
Higher Learning Commission (HLC).
Named a “Best College” by The Princeton Review
Ranked among the nation’s “Best Online
Programs” for Graduate Engineering by U.S. News
& World Report.

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